I Write Out Blog Posts In My Head When I’m Not At My Laptop

2009 October 12
by CajoleJuice

It’s awesome when you’re walking your dog and you think of a whole personal rant about writing and then when you get home and sit in front of your massive laptop, you have no urge other than the one to hit F5 while surfing the same few websites.

I’ve now had this post editing box up for an hour without typing anything. This is what happens when you talk on post on forums while watching a playoff baseball game…

…and another hour later I’m tuning from the Phillies ending the Rockies season to the Jets-Dolphins game almost at halftime.

Perhaps it’s just easier for me to be honest with myself in my head, knowing I’m not spewing all my thoughts out on my blog for the entire virtual and real world to see. Who wants to read about how writing is one of the few things I truly enjoy? And that I could honestly see myself doing it all fucking day every single day? Well, I was trying to prove to myself that I could do it, saying that I’d write my ass off for this blog for the rest of the week. I’ve already failed miserably for the past two hours. I don’t know what this means. Possibly that I should start looking harder for a real job?

Yeah, I definitely find it impossible to be too personal on the internet at this juncture. I have plenty of stuff rattling around my head to type (the same stuff that popped into my head while watching my dog take a shit), but I don’t see the purpose of airing it on this blog. I need to stick to posting stats from Baseball-Reference and Fangraphs, posting YouTube videos, giving my thoughts on random pieces of entertainment, and dishing out REAL TALK when it’s most needed.

Fuck the Phillies.

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