In Celebration of Breaking Bad

2010 March 12
by CajoleJuice

So one of my GIFs showed up on one of my favorite blogs this past week. One of my prouder internet moments, sadly. To think I peaked like two years ago getting linked by Deadspin. When I posted this news on Twitter, someone mentioned Breaking Bad GIFs. And on the blog linked above, someone also asked for Breaking Bad GIFs. Between those two wishes, and the Season 2 release on DVD next week, and Season 3 starting the next week, I decided to fill this void on the internet a little bit.

The show is easily one of the best on television. As I’ve stated before: Mad Men and Breaking Bad are basically 1A and 1B. And they compliment each other well, as one is set in a 1960s fantasy world littered with obscenely attractive human beings, while the other is a contemporary story following a middle-aged, dying high school science teacher whose life is as depressingly real as it gets — at least until he decides to cook meth.

You’ll have to hit the jump to check out the eight GIFs arranged in perfect harmony. I may have to fix the very first one, as not being able to make out some of the text is annoying the shit of the OCD side of me.

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  • Cornballer

    Very cool – thanks for making those. I’m sure we’ll get a lot of mileage out of them on the interwebs.

  • jcm

    “yesssss! c’mon baby… c’mon! yessssss!!!!”

    …outstanding. thank you. love em… just… ‘yesssss’

  • jcm

    request, if i may?

    the high-five scene from ’4 days out’

    …a gif of walt and jesse ^5′in… and walt roars… yeah… thats all this collection is missing… but i cant criticize… these gifs are a treasure… HUGE thanks bud

  • http://www. Sneakers

    More Breaking Bad gifs!!!!!!

    Can’t wait for Season 4th….almost a whole year away now :(

  • Fred

    Look great. The finale moments of Half measures would be good giffised ..