The Scientific Bond Meter

2009 March 4
by CajoleJuice

So a few days ago, I posted a Scientific Trilogy Meter, which was an average of the user ratings from IMDB and the critic ratings from Rotten Tomatoes. Today, I am applying the same method to only one series, the most successful film series in history. “Bond, James Bond” has to face the reckoning of my excel spreadsheet.

The results are displayed in their beautiful glory below:

Perhaps the first few films are propped up by especially forgiving RT ratings, but I do think many people regard From Russia with Love to be the best, and I know almost everyone loved Casino Royale. I’m not going to bother adding much of my own commentary or opinion, as I haven’t even seen half of the series. Although, all the Brosnan films after Goldeneye were shit, that much I know. Other than that, I think both Connery and Craig are awesome and that it’s no surprise to see their films on top.

If you wish for the underlying statistics, or at least a Y-axis with…ok, I’m going to stop there. Just trust me that this the most accurate depiction of the relative quality of the EON, canonical Bond films ever created. If you really care, just e-mail me.

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  • LanternBond

    Best Bond ever has always been and will always be Goldfinger.

    • CajoleJuice

      Science agrees!