Rejected Blog Posts

2008 August 20
by CajoleJuice

You may have noticed I haven’t posted much lately. This is due to work, too many nights at the Half-Penny Pub, and many ideas for posts that I shot down. Here are some examples:

- Michael Phelps is a Massive Toolbag Who Looks Like an Alien

- The Very Best MySpace Pages of Teenage Girls

- How I Will Kill Veronica Belmont’s Significant Other and Steal Her Heart (Kinda Like Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai)

- All My Personal Financial Information Summarized Neatly in an Excel Spreadsheet

- Will Ferrell is a Very Funny Guy and I Love Seeing Him Star in Four Movies a Year

- My Dick Growth Chart

- This Week in Bowel Movements

- My Personal Financial Records Summarized in an Excel Spreadsheet

- Heath Ledger Jokes

- Should I Go Hairy or Shaven? (Complete with Full Body Pics!)

- A 9-5 Workday Liveblog

- Best Places in the World to Kill Yourself

- Dating Advice From a Master of Being Awkward

- Why Synchronized Diving is Awesome

- The Most Exciting Things About Being an Actuary

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