Head Transplants: Futurama To Become Reality?

2007 January 16
by CajoleJuice

Well, on Futurama it’s just the heads by themselves for the most part…

Nevertheless, this possibility is at the same time both amazing and unsettling. The Daily Mail has an article detailing the development of this unbelievable procedure through the years. A two-headed dog, a monkey with a new head, an isolated dog’s head (now that’s Futurama) kept alive for days. I don’t even know if I believe all this stuff. It was all experiments done over in the Soviet Union, so they might have just been bullshitting to scare the U.S. out its mind. It’s 2007 and I’m still freaked out by this news. But apparently The National Geographic Channel will air a program on this topic on Sunday, Jan 28th at 9 PM. I’ll probably be watching – I just hope they don’t have footage of any of those aforementioned experiments. I won’t be able to sleep if I see a two-headed dog.

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