Animated GIFs

All GIFs were created by me unless otherwise noted. If they seem slow, that’s because you’re using IE, and it sucks — get Firefox. I’m open to requests from awesome TV shows and movies, because I like wasting time on pointless tasks. If I don’t own it, it’s most likely because it sucks.


(last one is not mine, and for that I am ashamed, because it is the best)

The Office (US)

The Office (UK)

The Simpsons

Arrested Development

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The Shield

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Mad Men

Breaking Bad

Freaks and Geeks

The Venture Bros.

Conan O’Brien

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Die Hard


Office Space

Pulp Fiction

Saving Private Ryan

Liar Liar

Sports (all not mine)


  • Mupepe


  • Anonymous

    yea i’d ride her like she was at the belmont

  • CajoleJuice

    Considering you have said that about my dog, I don’t know what to make of that.

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  • doug

    I’ve been perusing teh intrawebzors and have seen you take Seinfeld gif requests so I was hoping you might do one for me. In “The Big Salad”, the scene where they’re watching tv and hearing Gendeson murdered the dry cleaner, Kramer says “What if he was so mad about the penalty stroke that he murdered the dry cleaner!?” and then turns with this hilarious shocked look on face. I’m dying for a gif of the shot of just his face. It would be mucho appreciated.

    -A fan

  • CajoleJuice

    Anything for a fan!

  • doug

    You are a hero among gods. Thanks for the Kramer gif!

  • Honeybee

    Nice Gifs

    more The Office US!!
    good late funny stuff to look at

  • FAN


  • Kim

    more curb and sunny please :)

  • Anonymous

    i would love to see some epic greenman! charlie rocks

  • james

    Are you able to do movie gifs, if so could you do the scene in saving private ryan where tom hanks pulls out a psitol and shoots the tank and it blows up, thanks

  • Anonymous

    More Bearonica!! :)

  • Anonymous

    YO! Could you set this page up with a GIF from LOST? In the pilot episode Locke smiles at Kate with an orange peel in his mouth. This is the best sequence in the show’s history. I could write more pages about character development in this scene alone than all of Art Schlesinger’s The Age of Roosevelt. But before I write that tome, I would really enjoy a GIF of that one, pivotal moment on the beach.

  • Miguel
    • CajoleJuice

      It’s no boob-jiggle GIF, but it’ll do.

  • jonny rocket

    i jizzed.

  • Vito Delsante

    There were two that I’m looking for that I can’t find anywhere…

    1. Office UK – Episode 11 (Charity) – There’s a moment in the show, where David is pissed off at his superior (Neil) for telling him to work on a day where they’re raising money, and David says something like, “Fuck you, I have to feed some starving Africans!”

    2. Conan’s string dance.

    I suppose you could also make a Kitten Mittens one from Sunny, too.

  • Ruby Karelia

    There is one movie that I absolutely need to put on my blog, and that would be
    Ghost World. Any scene would be great — I looked for some on GIFSoup and they all had bulging logos of their sight across the bottom of each GIF. 

  • Dakotah Horace

    Hot Tub Time Machine!

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  • Artur Khabirov – free online animator

  • Dan Rockwell

    turntablefm meet gifs,

  • Dseifert123

    I have been looking everywhere….you are awesome!!!!!!! My husbands boss will be enjoying these!! Thank you!

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