Tightening Up the Blog Posts on Level Three

2008 February 3
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by CajoleJuice

I apologize in advance for this post, but I just really wanted to use this post title.

Recently, I’ve noticed several posts turning into the LJ posts of old — personal anecdotes included. Heath Ledger, WoW, and Burnout Paradise all in the same post. Rambo, Tom Cruise, and Veronica Belmont in another. It’s not that detrimental to the quality of the blog — in my eyes at least — but I’m pretty sure it sucks out potential page hits. More posts, more hits, and hopefully more readers. Yes, I know that last part isn’t going to happen, but a man can dream. The only reason I care about this crap is because I’m moving to my own webspace (which better be registered soon), and I hope to support the small cost with ad revenue. I’ve also been curious for a while as to how much money Google AdSense generates. I could easily game the system to get more hits from spam bots, but I would like to keep the blog readable. I’ll just digg the occasional post that I feel the internet realm would enjoy. I should gather up friends on that site, so they can digg my articles even though they may be duplicates of stuff that was posted a week before. I just saw that happen with the Rambo kill count chart. Blah, Digg.

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