Mets Find New Ways to Be Impossibly Embarrassing

2009 June 28

So far this season, I’ve seen Daniel Murphy fall over himself trying to catch fly balls, Ryan Church miss third base, Oliver Perez walk Jaime Moyer to force in a run, and Luis Castillo drop a routine fly ball to cost a game against the Yankees. These are just the things that stick out. Now I can add a sweep at the hands of the Yankees at Citi Field that ended with the 500th save for Mariano Rivera. But not before Rivera also got his first career RBI, thanks to Francisco Rodriguez WALKING HIM WITH THE BASES LOADED.

Let me repeat that. Francisco Rodriguez walked Mariano Rivera — a 38-year old pitcher with 2 career at-bats who’s played in the American League his entire career — to force in a run. You can’t make this shit up. According to Wikipedia, this has now disqualified him for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

This was after two games where the Mets were outscored 14-1 and outhit 22-4. I thought I might not actually have to put the word “embarrassing” in the title for this blog post, as the Mets were only losing 3-2 for basically the entire game. It turns out they ended up only losing 4-2, but that final run was an all-too-fitting end to this debacle of a subway series. This is what happens when the lineup is “David Wright and Friends”, and the frontman doesn’t get a hit the entire series. Johan Santana missing the series didn’t help either.

I can’t wait until this team is fucking exploded at the end of year. I wanted more done last offseason, but now that they are flailing so spectacularly, I hope it means the explosion will be that much more complete. To be clear, I want Omar Minaya to be engulfed in the all-encompassing fire. Also to be clear, I don’t want Minaya to even try to salvage THIS season at this point. The only reason this season even looks salvageable is due to the NL East being the worst division in baseball. Not only are the Phillies the only team (barely) over .500, they are the only team with a positive run differential. Even the NL West owns the East at this point. So fucking sad.

Thank you, NoMaas, for allowing me to add this picture to the post.

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