What a Difference a Day Makes: Los Mets

2008 April 2

After Opening Day, Mets fans were understandably excited about the season, after watching Johan Santana pitch a great game to start his Mets career. David Wright picked up right where he left off, the new guys contributed, and Carlos Delgado didn’t look like a worthless piece of shit. Not to mention the Braves were 0-2 by the end of Monday. The Mets looked like a team driven by their total epic failure last season.

Skip ahead 24 hours, and Delgado is swinging at ball four again, the rest of the offense doesn’t score nearly as much as it should against the Marlins, and Pedro is out for however long the fuck knows. There’s no way that’s grammatically correct. Maybe it was a good thing Pedro got hurt, since he was getting demolished by the MARLINS. He heard a pop, which means he probably won’t be back for a while. Unless that was all an April Fools’ joke. I haven’t watched or listened to any sports today, so maybe they announced it on Mike and Mad Dog today.

. . .

goddamn it.

At least my fantasy team is doing well, even if Pedro did suck it up.

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