The Mets Make Their Bid To Be Considered The Worst Team In Baseball

2009 July 22

The New York Mets have just lost their three-game series with the Washington Nationals, a team with a 28-66 record. The Mets offense only managed seven runs over the three games — this against the worst pitching staff in baseball. This is what happens when you start corner outfielders with career OPS+’s of 90 and 79 (Jeff Francoeur and Cory Sullivan). This is what happens when your GM sits on his hands for as long as possible, seemingly giving up on the season — and rightfully so — but then declares today that the Mets are buyers. I guess they are, since Francoeur is actually making more than Ryan Church.

I know I declared this Mets season dead two weeks ago, so I shouldn’t torture myself by turning into SNY nightly, but I can’t help myself. I want to see if Francoeur can continue to fool people into thinking he’s valuable. I want to see if David Wright can learn how to hit home runs again, or at least get his K rate back down to his normal level. I want to watch Oliver Perez walk guys around the bases first-hand, so I can gloat about how right I was with regards to his contract. I want Daniel Murphy to show some semblance of power, if only to raise his trade value. And of course, I want to witness Johan Santana attempt to carry the team on his back, and subsequently lose his shit when the rest of his team totally sucks.

Each night I am greeted with new examples of futility. Mike Pelfrey may have thrown seven innings of three-run ball, but unfortunately, his team only supplied him with one run and four hits. And one of those runs given up by Pelfrey was a result of Francoeur ducking from a fly ball caught in the lights. There was nothing else tonight particularly egregious, it was just total listlessness.

This organization is a fucking disaster from top to bottom. The owners get pulled in by Ponzi schemes; the GM doesn’t seem to have any sort of plan for when exactly he wants to win with this team; and the VP of Player Development is taking his shirt off, calling AA players pussies, and challenging them to fights. Holy shit.

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  • Triumph

    Now now, be fair. Omar DOES have a plan- get as many latino dudes on his team as possible. It’s just not a very GOOD plan. You guys also might want to take your training staff out back and kill them before any more of your players get f’ed up. Bummer about Johan last night, too. You don’t even have THAT going for you now. Oh well, the NFL season is right around the corner.

    • CajoleJuice

      Johan is hitting a lot of career highs this season. They just happen to be the wrong career highs.

      Maybe this year I’ll really get into football, what with Sanchez and all. But I said the same thing about Favre.