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2009 June 5

Anyone that knows me personally is most likely aware of my dad’s affinity for Magnum P.I., and that seasons of it on DVD are now my designated fallback gift for him. It used to be U2 albums. Pretty sure this is an upgrade. Bono has dumb sunglasses instead of an awesome ‘stache.

Why am I talking about Magnum P.I.? Because the following is an attempt to emulate its opening credits, only with Star Wars scenes. Now, I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, but I think we can all agree Han Solo is the coolest guy in the entire series. Han Solo P.I. would be a pretty sweet show, if Harrison Ford grew the prerequisite mustache. (Side note: Just found out that my usual spelling — moustache — is the predominant British spelling, while mustache is the American one. So I obviously need to go with the latter from now on. U-S-A)

If you are not familiar with Magnum’s credit sequence, hit the jump to have your mind blown. And not just by a side-by-side comparison of this mashup and the original, but also by something from The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Oh yeah.

And now the Conan awesomeness, courtesy of Serious Lunch.

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