Anything Involving “Sabotage” Is Awesome

2010 March 10

The Beastie Boys’ video for “Sabotage” is probably one of the defining pieces of entertainment of our generation. The song is already awesome on its own, and the video just took it to another level. Everyone knows it. Everyone loves it. And any reference or use of it is immensely entertaining (like the end of this Conan bit during the writers’ strike). So I can safely say the following “Galactica” mashup easily eclipses the “Han Solo P.I.” one that was created last year. I pretty much lose it when Adama is pointing at his head.

If you need visual aid to prove just how perfectly this video matches up with the original, hit the jump.

I can only imagine how many hours this shit took to piece together.

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  • Cornballer

    I watched it earlier today – crazy stuff. Can’t believe someone did it shot by shot.

    • CajoleJuice

      It takes me longer than I’d like to make GIFs — the amount of time to put together a 3 minute video would probably blow my mind.