Any Reason For Me To Make A Best-Of-The-Decade Post(s)?

2009 November 6

Because I’m sure the A.V. Club will cover it all much better than I ever could.

Best Of The Decade: Television (starts Tuesday, November 10th)

We’ll be covering the waterfront through a variety of features looking at reality shows, our favorite one-season wonders and, of course, our picks for the decade’s best shows.

Best Of The Decade: Music (starts Tuesday, November 17th)

Just like above, only with music.

Best Of The Decade: Books (Monday, November 23rd)

The must reads of the ’00s.

Best Of The Decade: Comics (Tuesday, November 24th)

The best from the first decade when everyone seemed to acknowledge comics aren’t just for kids anymore.

Best Of The Decade: Games (Wednesday, November 25th)

The games we couldn’t put down this decade.

Best Of The Decade: Film (starts Tuesday, December 1st)

From the best bad movies of the decade to the 50 best films of the ’00s, this week’s all about film.

TELL ME WHAT TO LIKE, A.V. CLUB! No really, I’m pretty hyped to see what brilliance they think I missed. They are usually right on the ball with just about everything — except gaming. Their music list will be better than Pitchfork’s, at the very least. Although, I have to say the books list is what interests me most, considering the only books I’ve read from this decade are non-fiction — a list that includes such universally-praised classics as the Bill Simmons’ penned Now I Can Die In Peace and Tony Kornheiser’s I’m Back For More Cash. I obviously need some culture.

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