My Trip to Yankee Stadium (A Week Ago)

2009 May 31

So I attended the Phillies-Yankees game last Saturday. It was my first trip to New Yankee Stadium, and it was my first trip to a baseball stadium this year where I had the use of a point-and-shoot camera. I already visited Citi Field two times prior, but alas, no camera. I will be going to another Mets game in a few weeks, so I’ll be taking pictures then. For now, you’ll have to make due with a photo essay of THE NEW HOME OF GREATNESS HOME RUNS. Actually, it’s more like a photo essay of one seat in the stadium, since I arrived just as the game started and didn’t feel like walking around.

So I wanted to originally add some commentary to each picture, but Firefox is acting up when I try to add pictures, so I figured I’d try out this NextGEN Gallery plug-in.

But really, this entire post is just an excuse to post this video:

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