Welp, That About Wraps It Up For Yankee Stadium

2008 September 22

This shouldn’t be the end. There’s no need for a new stadium beyond corporate greed. And even that has apparently gone too far, as I’ve read and heard rumblings of illegal dealings in regards to the funding for the new Yankee Stadium. Not that it matters, as the Yankees are going to be playing in the new place next year either way, and that’s a shame. 

I guess there’s always two sides to the same coin, though. The new stadium will look more like the OLD Yankee Stadium — the one before the 1970s remodeling — that older people think of when they hear Yankee Stadium. These people have said this current incarnation of Yankee Stadium isn’t the same anyway. But these people aren’t going to be around much longer! Everyone 40 and younger only knows Yankee Stadium in its current form. And it’s still the same place, not a completely new building across the street.

Every baseball fan — even ones that hate the Yankees — can’t deny the intimidating amount of history that has occurred inside Yankee Stadium. For 85 years, it has been the home of the most successful professional franchise in North American sports. It has played host to the greatest collection of ballplayers the sport has seen. It is the place of the most famous speech by an sporting figure (which I doubt will ever be topped, unless Derek Jeter contracts a mysterious deadly STD and has it named after him). Not to mention a ton of other shit that has taken place there, like 3 Papal visits, some soccer games with Pele, some boxing matches, “The Greatest Game Ever Played” (until last year’s Super Bowl), and approximately 2342738 brawls.

And tonight, the Yankees had to say goodbye to their “cathedral” knowing they won’t make the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. The Curse of A-Rod rears its head once again.

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