A Bunch of Links I Should’ve Posted Weeks Ago

2009 July 16

I don’t know how I manage to procrastinate just posting links to other sites. They do all the work.

The first site has to be Flickchart. All it does is pit movie versus movie, and you need to pick. That’s it. Sounds so simple, right? Next thing you know you’ve ranked 500 movies, and they have been ranked in a terrible order, so you need to rank more to fix it up, and then you’ve done another 250 rankings, and holy shit I’ve been on this site for two hours. Sometimes, the matchups are terrible for a dozen straight, and sometimes, you can’t choose:

Apparently, the site is still in beta, but you can click this link to get straight through and register and start wasting your time.

After 1757 rankings, my top 10 looks like:

1         2001: A Space Odyssey
2         The Godfather
3         Die Hard
4         Pulp Fiction
5         Fight Club
6         The Godfather Part II
7         Terminator 2: Judgment Day
8         Dumb and Dumber
9         Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
10      Raiders of the Lost Ark

Think Dumb and Dumber looks out of place? Fuck you.

Ok, enough about a flavor-of-the-week internet time waster. Flip Flop Fly Ball is no wannabe social networking site. It’s just the coolest collection of sports graphs I’ve ever seen. It makes you aware of just how insane Yankees ticket prices are, just how racist the Red Sox organization is, and just how little a percentage of Major League baseball players get into the Hall of Fame. And it does all this with pretty colored graphs that I wouldn’t mind having on a wall.

Last — but certainly not least — is a website with even prettier pictures than Flip Flop Fly Ball. It has to be in contention for greatest Tumblr blog. FUCK YEAH RED is a site dedicated to Christina Hendricks.

Uh, yeah.

One note: she is marrying that dude in those pics on the first page. If you don’t know who that is, it’s the guy who eats a bag of shrooms and says “I’m freakin’ out, man!” in Super Troopers. THAT GUY. THAT GUY IS STICKING HIS PENIS INSIDE CHRISTINA HENDRICKS. I don’t even know how to feel about that. Should I cry? Should it give me hope? SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT TO FEEL…besides that feeling in my pants.

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