Surprise: Roger Clemens Is Again A Yankee

2007 May 6
by CajoleJuice

I really don’t have much to say at this point. I think everyone should have seen this coming. The Yankees starting rotation has been an absolute disaster to this point, with a 20-year-old hurting himself in the middle of a no-hitter, a $40 million mistake continuing to do his best impression of a giant walking vagina, and just about everything that could go wrong, going wrong. Clemens was the easy answer to solve the Yankees’ problem and Steinbrenner no doubt pushed for this deal as hard as possible. Initial reports say that Steinbrenner offered a suitcase with $28 million cash and a year’s supply of HGH. It was an offer Roger couldn’t refuse. When Clemens took ahold of a mic up in the owner’s box to announce his return to the Bronx, not only was the stadium surprised and ecstatic, but the team couldn’t believe it either. Andy Pettitte, his heterosexual life partner, didn’t even know about the negotiations. It’ll be fun to see how well 44-year-old Clemens will hold up in the American League. I think I’ve said it before in another entry – he’ll no doubt help the Yankees make the playoffs, but then he’ll get injured.

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