Welp, that about wraps it up for Roger Clemens

2007 December 15

I got what I wanted out of the Mitchell Report. The entire 400 some-odd pages were totally devoid of any big surprises, but Clemens being plastered all over it more than makes up for that. The best part so far has been seeing sportswriters squirm and try to defend Clemens — many the same guys who were quick to crucify Bonds. Also, the majority of these hypocrites seem to be on ESPN’s payroll. It’s pretty disgusting. I was glad to hear Chris “Mad Dog” Russo call them out yesterday on WFAN. If you’re going to vilify Bonds, you can’t act differently towards Clemens. Anyone with half a brain should’ve suspected Clemens for a while now, but instead ESPN has been celebrating every win Clemens has gotten over the past few years and touting him as the greatest pitcher since World War II. The reality is Greg Maddux needs only seven wins next year to pass him.

I wrote up this entry only a few hours ago and mentioned the Andy Pettitte factor. Well, Pettitte has just admitted to using HGH on two occasions while he was recovering from an elbow injury in 2002. Clemens is totally screwed now. I can’t see how anyone could believe his denials now. Everyone knows how close the two became and how they worked out together and how Pettitte revered Clemens. If Pettitte took HGH, I have no doubt it was upon recommendation from his idol and good friend. Unlike Clemens, though, Pettitte is a man, and men own up to their mistakes. He also took HGH when it wasn’t even outlawed by the MLB yet. Meanwhile, Clemens is an asshole who is a habitual steroid user and now he’s going to pay the price.

So can we say that it’s officially between Greg Maddux and Pedro Martinez for “pitcher of our generation”?

And between Bonds and Clemens for “cheater of our generation”?

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  • justin

    every pitch pitched to bonds was practically doomed to rest, shortly thereafte, over a fence…

    not every clemens pitch was a strike and not every batter was a strikeout

    you can say something about the pitches thrown to at bats ratio, but cmon, you knew bonds was on steroids just by looking at him and watching him play, no so much the same for clemens

    IMO Bonds used steroids to become a star

    Clemens used them to prelong his career as one

    doesnt make it right, but i dont think he is on the same level as bonds

  • http://thesomewhatmanlynerd.wordpress.com/ CajoleJuice

    While there’s little doubt the steroids helped Bonds soar into the stratosphere, he was a Hall of Famer before he ever used steroids. He won 3 MVPs in the early 90s and was arguably the best all-around player in baseball for a decade (along with Griffey).

    According to that report, Clemens started using steroids a decade ago in 1998. Since then, he’s won 141 games. I’d say it’s had a fairly big effect on his career numbers.

  • justin

    yeah but bonds was never a yankee

  • http://thesomewhatmanlynerd.wordpress.com/ CajoleJuice


  • Vic D

    Clemens is a lying cheating scum who is also unbelievably arrogant and a money chasing greedy pig. No wonder he wanted to come back for another year and throw for some 30 million. Without this report, he would have taken some more steroids this year and come back for the 2008 season. He should be awarded with the ‘Scum of the Century’ title.