R.I.P. Stage6

2008 February 26
by CajoleJuice

The site known among the internet-savvy for its high quality (mostly music) videos — but a shitty search engine — will soon be no more.

I’m Tom (aka Spinner), a Stage6 user and an employee of DivX, Inc., the company behind the service. I’m writing this message today to inform you that we plan to shut down Stage6 on February 28, 2008. Upload functionality has already been turned off, and you’ll be able to view and download videos until Thursday.

It’s been a wild ride, and none of it would have been possible without the support of our users. Thank you for making Stage6 everything that it was.

I’ve been fairly bummed the whole day. Now where will I upload entire high-quality Muse concerts to proselytize the masses? I’m also sadden by the fact that I didn’t watch or download nearly enough live concerts and music videos while I still had the time. Unfortunately, I have Verizon DSL, not FIOS, so it takes me a significant amount of time to download a concert. And forget about sending data in the opposite direction. It probably took almost a full 24 hours for my Muse concerts to finish uploading.

No doubt other sites will pick up the torch. In fact, I’m pretty sure there’s probably already other very similar sites. I should probably check that out and report back. Anyhow, you should download my two videos while you still can (I wish it were three, but they took down the other Muse concert).

Muse – Live at Reading 2006

Nirvana – Live and Loud

And check out this insane channel:


May I recommend the last page? Explosions in the Sky! I’m also downloading some bands I’ve heard of, but have never gotten around to listening to i.e. Sonic Youth (well, I have listened a bit), Mogwai, Battles, and Lightning Bolt. We’ll see how that turns out.

Goodnight, sweet prince. You were too good for this world…

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  • http://stage6.18.forumer.com/ VICER0Y

    Stage6.com is gone but stage6.999.org is here

    It has the same look as stage6 with channels etc. and a great community.