Stage6 > YouTube (Muse & Nirvana Concerts Inside)

2007 July 6
by CajoleJuice

We all know YouTube, it’s one of the most popular sites on the internet, and has been for a while. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite have the wealth of content it once did. One day I searched for an old Daily Show skit that I specifically remembered watching on YouTube only a couple of months before – it was gone, along with a shitload of other videos. YouTube had been Napstered. Of course, it’s still the most popular video hosting site out there, but competitors like Dailymotion and Stage6 have been gaining ground. YouTube is not under the radar anymore (obviously, considering it was bought out by Google), so all the rampant copyright infringement is a thing of the past.

Getting to Stage6… it rocks. Naturally, it doesn’t have nearly as much content as something like YouTube, but huge videos of amazing quality can be uploaded. There’s a damn good amount of entire movies, in good quality, on Joox, a site that uses the same system as Stage6. Live Free or Die Hard is on the site. I almost like watching it again right now.

I just want to tell people to start uploading stuff to Stage6 instead of Youtube. The latter is only good for people stuck with 56k…or shitty DSL like me. The former is what the broadband world should be moving towards. I took my personal steps towards making Stage6 awesome by uploading 3 concerts so far. Enjoy.

Muse – Live at Reading 2006

Muse – Live Glastonbury 2004

Nirvana – MTV Live and Loud

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