New Muse CD/DVD: H.A.A.R.P.

2008 April 5
by CajoleJuice

This Tuesday, Muse released their third concert DVD, and of course, I immediately bought it. On June 16th and 17th in 2007, Muse was the first act to sellout new Wembley Stadium with a pair of concerts. The capacity crowd of Wembley was 134, 457. Even though they’ve supposedly made it in America, they couldn’t quite sellout Madison Square Garden, and that’s probably 1/5 the size. Their popularity in England is absolutely insane.

I do find it somewhat fitting that they were the first huge band to play in the new Wembley, as the band most connected with the old Wembley is Queen, and Muse has been described by many — including myself — as a mix of Queen and Radiohead (maybe with some Rage mixed in there, especially during their concerts).

Yes, that is an awesome performance of New Born with some filthy awesome riff added on. I could just keep posting videos of every goddamn song. But I’ll stop my Muse knob-slobbering now, for everyone’s benefit.

But not before I post this:

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