The Successor to Stage6: Veoh

2008 March 1
by CajoleJuice

The internet always has a backup. I saw a post about this site soon after the Stage6 shutdown announcement, but now even the defunct Stage6 has put up an endorsement of the site, encouraging its former users to move to Veoh.

Stage6 is introducing Veoh Networks Inc. as a site that promises to offer our users a smooth transition. Millions of people use Veoh each month and we feel it is a great fit for our users.

Veoh enables you to upload, download, and watch high quality videos, including any DivX file.

Sounds alright to me. As a bonus, it also appears to have a search engine that wasn’t coded by a teenaged chimpanzee.

First impressions:

- You have to download the VeohTV program. Reminds me of Joost, which I tried out once and never opened again, soon deleting it.

- There’s a massive amount of channels available. Many of the same TV shows and episodes on Hulu are on here.

- The quality of the Muse concert I am watching right now is nowhere near what Stage6 was capable of. This looks slightly above shit YouTube quality, and that’s debatable.

- Speaking of YouTube, you can choose to search the net (through Google) for videos, so you can watch crappy YouTube videos if you wish.

- Some of the videos I get as search results on are not showing up when I search on the VeohTV client. I have no idea what’s going on there, but it’s not cool. Maybe I spoke too soon about the search engine.

- It appears the reason why many of the same TV episodes of Hulu are on VeohTV is due to the fact that VeohTV is pulling the episodes directly from Hulu. And as a result, they actually look decent!

- Ok, it seems like that was just a shitty video before. I’m downloading it anyway, since it’s Muse.

- Veoh is no Stage6. Try it if you’re desperate, but it kinda sucks.

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  • mahzun

    stage6 was the best

  • Phoenix7

    We need places that offer divx easily as Stage6 did… why then download a software if Stage6 was perfect doing it all online??

    We have to change for better, not for worse… was Veoh a match for Stage6 to make S6 feel so incapable to compete? Never…

    And S6 doesn’t listen to the people, many want paying for a account… many love S6, it is the best!

  • Vinchento

    Totally agree with Phoenix7

  • CajoleJuice

    I wish Stage6 was still around too, I’m just trying to find a suitable replacement, and make those options known to people. Maybe there is a site still out there that is as simple as Stage6 was, and once I find it, I’ll post it.

  • Rob

    Veoh is shockingly bad.
    Stage6 was absolute win.
    Veoh fails with the power of many beached whales. End of.

  • CajoleJuice


    was beautiful.

  • pirelli

    i tried to upload two videos on veoh the last couple of days and neither one would take. One file stopped at 75% uploading and the other just didnt upload.
    so far veoh is garbarage and that is putting it nicely after waiting 10 hours to see if my videos uploaded and then… nothing.

  • CajoleJuice

    Maybe I should update this post.

  • Anonymous

    thanks for VEOH it is the best

  • Anonymous

    veoh is terrible
    it needs to die