Disqus Is A Kinda Cool Blog Plugin

2011 April 15
by CajoleJuice

A week ago or so, I decided maybe I should try adding a cool new feature to my blog. I hadn’t messed around with any new plugins in a while, and I noticed while reading TedQuarters that the commenting system there was pretty cool. I think MetsBlog (so I guess all SNY blogs) has been using it for a while, but considering I read that site maybe twice a year, I never realized that I could easily install such a system on my lowly WordPress blog. But it’s not that I need a robust commenting tool, as about ten people read this blog and only a fraction of those ever care to comment. I just wanted to change it up and allow people to use their Twitter or Facebook or Google accounts and also incorporate those “Like” and “Dislike” buttons everyone loves to click.

The one bug I noticed is that the list of posts generated when you search, click on the tag cloud, or look at the archives of a certain month now has broken formatting. But if you didn’t know how it looked before, the “View Comments” on the right side that screw everything up don’t look too bad. And now each post in the list has a nice little space between! A page no one sees being a tiny bit screwed up is a small price to pay for some useful features, especially nested comments not turning into a disaster past two replies.

Feel free to make use the Like buttons under my posts.

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