Twitter Destroyed This Blog

2013 January 14
by CajoleJuice

Have I explained how Twitter rendered 90% of the posts I used to populate this blog with obsolete? Probably, but I’m going to ramble for a little while anyhow.

For example, I sent out a tweet a couple of hours ago about how I’m really excited about the Oculus Rift, a 3D headset that monitors how you move your head while immersed in a video game. In the tweet, I said it seems so much cooler than the Wii or Kinect or traditional 3D, while adding a link to The Verge article on it. There’s not much else interesting I could have added to those thoughts. Two or three years ago, I would have embedded a YouTube video about it and spit out a couple of paragraphs about the gaming possibilities and how awesome or nauseating it would be to play Mirror’s Edge while wearing the Oculus Rift.

Back then, I also had more real-life friends who read this blog at least occasionally. Due to the lack of updates, and not posting links to this blog on Facebook due to keeping my real name and this internet handle separate (half-assedly), the people reading any posts on this blog are almost all internet friends who are already exposed to my thoughts on Twitter. So the only things worth writing here are sufficiently thoughtful and lengthy posts, something akin to this R.A. Dickey fanpost I put together over at Amazin’ Avenue. Maybe I should re-post that piece here just so it looks like I still care about this blog.

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  • Tyler

    I feel that Twitter serves as a more macro look at things (a blurb, perhaps…or 140 characters as it were), whereas blog posts are more of a micro look, allowing one to expound more on what they want to say and not restricted to the confines of Twitter. With film criticism, for example, you have critics that will give slight thoughts on a film they’ve watched and then have a more long form review on their site of choice. I like that dynamic. I already find writing to be a difficult and exhausting process, and Twitter further complicates that. But that dichotomy between the blog and Twitter still remains, I think.

    • CajoleJuice

      Absolutely. I think it has just forced me to be more thoughtful when writing, and at least try to add something of real value to the internet discourse. I probably should have focused on the fact that many older posts on my blog were of the two paragraph variety, just commenting on how I feel about an upcoming movie after embedding the trailer or something along those lines. Those posts are now totally pointless. Sure, movie websites have posts like that to keep their post count up, but screw that. I can get those feelings across in a tweet or two nowadays.

      • Tyler

        If you feel that you’re able to convey all that you want in tweets, then sustaining a blog is superfluous at that point, no? I have a WP that I never use but should and do feel that there is merit in more long form posting. However, I love Twitter and understand those that feel they can have a presence with it alone. I just don’t personally want to relegate myself solely to it. I’m not really a “features” kind of guy. I care little about new trailers (unless it’s totally out of left field from a director I really enjoy or something of the like) and am not a starfucker type so don’t focus on that dynamic like some sites do. I enjoy criticism and want to engage in it, myself, and feel that blog posting is the best avenue for that.

      • CajoleJuice

        “If you feel that you’re able to convey all that you want in tweets, then sustaining a blog is superfluous at that point, no?”

        Hence the title of this blog post. I feel you on the rest of it. Or maybe just posting reviews on Criticker/Letterbox?