2010 January 20
by CajoleJuice

I have no goddamn clue what causes those random 500 errors. The server is always working, as evidenced by my gifs and pics working and also being able to connect to the server through FTP; yet somehow WordPress is randomly fucking up. It’s not even after a new blog post or after installing a plugin or after updating WordPress — it’s just totally goddamn random. Is it Dreamhost’s fault? Have I bogged down the server somehow with all the Seinfeld gifs? Did the smiley folder I created push it over the edge? I really should figure this shit out sometime soon because it probably annoys me more than anyone else since I no doubt check my blog more than anyone else. It’s not like when GAF is down and 3000 nerds are raging because Evilore can’t shell out for more masking tape to hold his two Compaq servers together.

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