I Post On A Real Blog Now

2010 November 2
by CajoleJuice

I’m going to be the resident “Man of Links” over at Roto Hardball, a new fantasy baseball blog over at SB Nation. Not that I’ll stop posting on here, or even really change my frequency. It’s not like I’ve been writing too much here recently anyway, or ever about fantasy baseball.

Well, except that one post analyzing my drafts a couple of years ago. I can’t believe I remember that.

But yeah, if you play fantasy baseball, you should check out Roto Hardball. This advice may only apply to a couple of my friends who read this blog infrequently, but it’s going to be a sweet blog and hopefully a fun community. SB Nation’s blogging tools are incredibly awesome. I knew WordPress wasn’t the end-all-be-all, but fuck, I could spend hours just messing around with SB Nation’s tools. Search the AP Photo database! Auto-tag and link player and team names! Embed polls! Save links with notes using your a “clipper” bookmark for later easy insertion into posts! Add a sports data widget!

First thing other than drinking that’s made me happy in a long time. Well, watching Spaced made me happy, too.

But I’ll leave my gushing about this UK television series for another post.

I do have a question, though: Does the asymmetrical Roto Hardball logo bother anyone else? I didn’t say anything to the editor because I figured I’m just crazy.

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