Random Baseball Stats Comparison Round-Up – 5/14/10

2010 May 14

I guess I posted the first one of these on a Thursday — why did I think I posted it last Friday? I need to decide on a day.

If I didn’t make it clear with the last post, I’m keeping track of all these tweets because I know they eventually disappear (into the Library of Congress archives), and I also like to expand on the 140-character comparisons.

Once again, hit the jump for the fun with numbers.


Cal Ripken Jr.: 3185 hits, 8893 outs. Tony Gwynn: 3141 hits, 6662 outs.

This is just to show that not all 3,000 hit club members are made alike. Career-wise, Ripken is probably the worst hitter out of all 27 members. Meanwhile, Tony Gwynn was able to slap the ball around wherever he wanted, even at 350 pounds.


Jamie Moyer: 2362 K, 1122 BB. Tom Glavine: 2607 K, 1500 BB.

I don’t like Tom Glavine. I believe he’s only going to make the Hall of Fame because he was so durable and played for the winningest team of the 90s (for some reason, there’s no easy google search to confirm this, and I’m not doing the math to compare them to the Yankees). He also got half a foot off the plate until Questek came around. What better way to belittle him than to compare him to Jamie Moyer? This has nothing to do with that final game of 2007, nope.


Perfect games: 19. Unassisted triple plays: 15. Four-HR games: 15.

Sure, the unassisted triple play is all luck — as opposed to the other two — but they are all cool numbers anyway.


Livan Hernandez: 1.04 ERA. Livan Hernandez: 5.18 xFIP.

What this means is that this Cuban defector is due to fall back to earth. Hard.


David Wright, Career: .308/.389/.519. David Wright, 2010: .293/.417/.552.

His 2010 numbers have fallen a bit in the past few days, and now he’s even more in line with his career stats, at least when it comes to OBP and SLG. Sure, he’s striking out an obscene amount — which is frustrating as hell — but he’s still by far the best hitter on the Mets. And also one of the better hitters in baseball.


Brady Anderson: 210 HR, 315 SB. Derek Jeter: 228 HR, 308 SB. @PixelGorilla

Proof that I give my fans what they want. PixelGorilla asked for a Brady Anderson comparison, so I gave him one.


Tom Glavine: 4413.1 IP, 118 ERA+, 1.74 K/BB. Bert Blyleven: 4970 IP, 118 ERA+, 2.80 K/BB.

More Glavine hate, sorta. Or more just pointing out that if Glavine is a no-doubt Hall of Famer, than so should be Blyleven.


2010 Nationals, May 14th: 20-15. 2009 Nationals, June 19th: 20-46.

This is just mind-blowing. I can’t believe the Washington Nationals are 20-15. And they haven’t even called up Strasburg yet. Fuck me.

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