Random Baseball Stats Comparison Round-Up – 5/6/10

2010 May 6

So I’ve been doing this thing on Twitter every day for longer than I thought. I think I’ll make a weekly post from now on Thursdays, I guess(?), in which I collect all the tweets for posterity and added commentary, since 140 characters is never enough. I’ll even link to them for full Twitter integration.

I really started off with basic stats that everyone knows, but I eventually relented and started using the most hardcore baseball stats out there, because I figure the people who actually pay attention to these tweets probably know them. And if not, let me know.

Hit the jump if you want to see a fairly annoyingly formatted post. Sorry.


Prince Fielder: 14 SB, 9 CS. Robinson Cano: 19 SB, 23 CS.

This is obviously just to point out the fact that Cano should not even be trying to steal bases. He fucking sucks at it. According to who you talk to, the break even point for stolen base percentage ranges from 67% to 75%. Either way, Cano isn’t close.


Jered Weaver: 34 K, 6 BB. Felix Hernandez: 31 K, 12 BB. @waxinthaksin #alwest

This was just for the benefit of the Angels fan @’d in the tweet. This won’t last.


Jim Rice: 382 HR, .854 OPS. Jim Edmonds: 383 HR, .905 OPS.

And I didn’t even bother to bring in fielding statistics. Although I guess fear statistics would cancel them out.


Roy Halladay: 5 W. Roy Halladay: 4 BB. (Thanks for the idea, @310tojoba)

Unfortunately, Halladay now has more walks than wins. I don’t think the dream is dead yet. And by that, I mean him magically turning to shit.


David Eckstein: 35 HR, 95 wRC+. Vinny Castilla: 320 HR, 93 wRC+. (LOL 90s Coors Field)

This is just fucking hilarious. Vinny Castilla had five straight 30-HR seasons, with three straight 40-HR seasons in the middle of those. Yet the massive park factors and mediocre OBP makes wRC+ calculate David Eckstein as the more valuable hitter. I’m sure someone would look at this as an example of why sabermetrics are retarded.


Don Mattingly: 128 wRC+, 15 TZ. Keith Hernandez: 131 wRC+, 113 TZ.

Basically this post condensed to a tweet.


Pete Rose: 198 SB, 149 CS. Jackie Robinson: 197 SB, 30 CS.

Rose might have hustled, but it didn’t make him a good base-stealer. Still better than Cano — a guy who does not live up the player he was named after. Look at that efficiency!

5/5 (ok, 5/6 TECHNICALLY)

Mike Cameron: 1806 K, 265 HR. Ken Griffey Jr.: 1775 K, 630 HR.

I just found this really amusing. Cameron has exactly HALF the home runs of Griffey, yet a few dozen more Ks. And they are both center fielders. Seemed like a fun comparison to make.


Chase Utley: 2.3 fWAR, $15.3 mil. Ryan Howard: 0.1 fWAR, $19 mil. (fWAR excl. today’s game)

fWAR = Fangraphs WAR. I got the notation from Beyond the Box Score. And it says Utley has been absolutely insane so far this year. We all already knew he was better than Howard, but one month samples make it more fun to point it out.

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