A Tale of Two Commercials

2010 April 8

The Masters started today, which made Nike think it was the perfect time to release this bizarre Tiger Woods commercial. Why is Tiger’s father speaking to him from the grave? And why is he so damn cryptic? I would think he’d just say, “What the fuck’s wrong with you, son?” I don’t really want to stare at Tiger’s mug for 30 seconds, either.

In related news, I really want Tom Watson to win the Masters at 60 years old, just so no one can pretend golf is a sport anymore.

The other commercial is not bizarre — just homoerotic. I feel like anything involving a male cast member of Jersey Shore is bound to have gay undertones, and I guess non-Mets fans will argue that David Wright has the same effect. Fuck you. :(

I present to you a Vitamin Water commercial starring David Wright and The Situation:

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