This is Why I’ve Never Done Fantasy Baseball

2008 March 15

Well I have, but I’ve always missed the drafts and never touched my teams all season.

Which probably worked out better for me, since two nights ago I had my GAF Yahoo Fantasy Baseball draft I did this:

(1) David Wright

I couldn’t let any other team have him. Just watch! A-Rod will get hurt this year, and I’ll look like a genius! (Pujols, Hanley and Reyes will also need to get hurt).

This IRC chat log sums it up:

WasabiKing: who was your first pick?
CajoleJuice: david wright
CajoleJuice: he’s my boy
WasabiKing: and like I always say, NEVER pick with your heart
WasabiKing: oh man you are fucked

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