What Opening Day 2010 Taught Us

2010 April 6
by CajoleJuice

I like keeping to tradition where I can.

- David Wright’s 2009 was an anomaly. And I still love him. I’m ashamed that I didn’t have enough faith in him to fight off all bidders for him in my auction league. FORGIVE ME.

- Albert Pujols proved once again he is not of this earth.

- Roy Halladay is going to absolutely roll over the National League. 7 IP, 1 R, 9 K will be a normal line for him this year.

- Jason Heyward is truly the Messiah. Goddamn it.

- Mark Buehrle is able to do whatever he wants on the baseball field.

On a side note, having to watch a commercial before watching a one minute highlight is fucking bullshit. The NHL allows all sorts of highlights on YouTube, why can’t the MLB? I guess because the latter is a real league.

- The Royals are unbelievably awful and Zack Greinke — if he does win another Cy Young — will do it in spite of the pure ineptitude around him.

- Livan Hernandez — before yesterday — led active pitchers in Opening Day starts. How the fuck did that happen?

- Pitching like dog shit doesn’t hurt your extension negotiations, Josh Beckett.

- Tiger Woods tried to ruin the most holy day of the year. Cheat on your wife all you want, just don’t have a bullshit press conference on Opening Day, douchebag.

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