I Forgot To Remind You To Watch The Pacific

2010 March 15
by CajoleJuice

My excuse is that I don’t own HBO myself. Maybe subconsciously I don’t want you to enjoy something I can’t.

Yes, this post is so damn pointless after the fact, but I felt the need to dedicate a post to what is guaranteed to be the new television series of the year. Or at least even with Archer.

In case you don’t know, The Pacific is the spiritual successor to Band of Brothers, what with the same guys behind it, and it also being set in World War II. You might have guessed that it does not cover the European theater, though. No, this is about Marines killing lots of Japs –three Marine badasses in particular. I thought about paying for HBO for however long it was necessary to watch the series, but then I saw the package was 26 bucks a month; perhaps there are cheaper packages, but that sight alone was enough to make me wait until the Blu-ray. To watch it legally, at least.

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  • Eric

    I liked the pilot a lot, but dude, The Pacific isn’t even the new television series of the month.

  • Eric

    Er, first episode rather. It’s not really a pilot.

  • http://somewhatmanlynerd.com/blog CajoleJuice

    You’re talking about Justified, right? I am pretty pumped for that as well. Perhaps I will make a post BEFORE the first episode airs this time.