The Pacific is Going to Rock (Japanese) Faces

2009 March 10
by CajoleJuice

Courtesy of Warming Glow:

I made a post about this upcoming mini-series a long time ago, but now there is finally a (terrible quality) trailer for it. I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s ripped from Australian television. Sure, the footage isn’t much, and is basically a variation of the beginning of Saving Private Ryan, but I guess that shit went down over in the Pacific theater as well — every single time they had to take an island. And there are a lot of islands over there.

There is no reason not to start getting excited about this. It should air within the next 12 months, it’s by the same guys that made Band of Brothers, and apparently the soldiers it centers around were total badasses. HBO won’t allow this to be anything less than phenomenal.

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