Weekend Links – 2/14/10

2010 February 14

I could have made this a “Valentine’s Day Edition”, but fuck that. I’ll just dedicate the Song of the Week to the holiday that makes lonely girls eat lots of ice cream and chocolate.

I Enjoy Watching Curling – Brewed Sports says curling reminds him of baseball. I subsequently end up watching curling purely due to this statement.

Hipster Puppies – The picture captions make the site. Well, that — and the fact that it involves dogs.

The 7 Somewhat United States of America – A pretty interesting take on collections of people across the country using Facebook. I guess it’s not all bad.

NYPD World Trade Center 9/11 Aerial Photos – Amazing (if you can call them amazing) “new” photos of the collapse of the twin towers. Seriously, it looks like a volcano erupted.

Under the Milky Way – The sci-fi and astronomy geek in me absolutely loves these posters and wants to buy every single one. I’d be all over The Sun poster if it were available to buy.

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