Weekend Links – 10/10/10

2010 October 10

Uh wow, I haven’t done one of these in almost 5 months? How did you fill your Sundays all this time? By reading books or watching football? Sounds awful. This week, you’re treated to a New Zealand TV host having a little too much fun with an Indian name. It’s awkward for everyone else involved.

Tea & CrackersRolling Stone article about the absurdity of the Tea Party. Not that you weren’t already aware.

This is a news website article about  a scientific paper – This is pretty damn old, but I appreciate well-done satire, especially when it comes from somewhere other then The Onion. Some of the comments are amusing as well.

Does Your Language Shape How You Think? – Some languages don’t have have words for left, right, front, and behind. Yeah, that would definitely affect how one thinks.

‘Science as the Enemy’: The Traveling Salesman of Climate Skepticism – An old man who sees himself as the last bastion against socialism or communism or something does his best to spread doubt about climate change, pretending there’s not a 97 percent consensus about the science. Apparently, he’s succeeding.

A Not-So-Brief History of Pitching Injuries, Starring Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers – The magical solution to fixing arm problems? Long toss. I seriously cannot believe that most teams don’t have their pitchers throw past 120 feet. I really can’t. I’m so shocked that I feel like emailing Jonah Keri about it. EVERYONE does that in high school and college.

Halladay and Lincecum – Joe Posnanski being Joe Posnanski. My Halladay post seems so pointless after reading this. Is there any sportswriter that comes close? Please let me know if there is.

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