Weekend Links – 5/15/10

2010 May 15

This weekend’s links are presented by dogs body-sledding down snow-filled hills. God, I love dogs.

Facebook’s Gone Rogue; It’s Time For An Open Alternative – I like this idea more than the “OMG EVERYONE QUIT FACEBOOK!!!” idea. Maybe it’s not even an idea, because I’m sure the market will come up with an alternative soon enough. Right? Capitalism don’t fail me now! Even if you’ve already failed most of us recently…

Hey LeBron, Welcome to New York – Will Leitch and Ira Boudway lay out the reasons why the only choice for the best basketball player on the planet is to come to New York.

Baseball Scouts Like Big Butts And They Cannot Lie – Maybe the Mets should hire Sir-Mix-A-Lot as a scout? And I wonder what Oliver Perez’s butt is on a scale of 1-10. I need Buck Showalter to help me out here.

Your Office Chair Is Killing You – Yeah, I’m gonna go play golf now instead of staying on my laptop while watching the Mets game…

David Ortiz Is Getting Paid $13 Million, By The Way – I laughed at this until I realized Oliver Perez is getting paid $12 million.

My NY Mets Journal Blog – An awesome dude who should be employed by a newspaper creates a drawing for each and every Mets game. They are really, really great.

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