Weekend Links – 2/7/10

2010 February 7

I really should work on getting more non-baseball links, but I can’t help myself. Edit: Hey, I did!

This Tweet in Baseball: Your Weekly Update on the Sport’s Twits – Walkoff Walk puts together a collection of amusing and inane tweets from people in the sporting world.

Does it matter that the Yankees keep buying pennants? – A long post ruminating on the Yankees’ massive payroll and what it means for baseball. The comments make the discussion pretty interesting.

Viva El WAR (Part 1: Hitters) – A fantastic rundown of the hottest baseball stat in the land from the #1 Cardinals blog on the internet. No doubt Cardinals fans love WAR due to it being just another way to quantify Albert Pujols’ greatness.

Super Bowl XLIV Ads – Not even sure why I’m linking this, since every American already saw how much they sucked. I expect spoofs of Google’s ad shortly. May I suggest one that ends with a search for “divorce lawyers in paris”?

Best (And Worst) Cities to Find Love – Hey, Valentine’s Day is in a week! This list sucks though. The three biggest cities in the US — New York, Chicago, Los Angeles — get Ds for ‘Social Life’ due to their formula depending on a ratio, not total number. I can maybe understand the singles ratio part, but restaurants and bars? Come the fuck on.

Sarah Palin’s Keynote Speech: Now With Tea Party Illustrations! – I really wish this post looked how it did in my Google Reader with no need to click on each individual picture. Nonetheless, I think the stupidity is still worth a look. And no, I do not subscribe to Jezebel, someone shared it with me, I swear!

The Secret History of the Birthers – How the movement associated with insane right-wingers actually started on the left. This is why I hate politics.

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