Weekend Links – 2/21/10

2010 February 21

I don’t know whether or not to just go animal on the tags and categories with these posts or to just go with “Random”.

Baseball Prospectus Introduces SIERA: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. – Yeah, this is in-depth, heavy sabermetric reading. Only recommended for advanced stat nerds. It’s about a new pitching statistic that apparently more accurately predicts Johan Santana’s greatness compared to FIP, so I obviously approve of it.

Jose Reyes v. Barry Larkin – I’ve been down on Reyes for a while now, but this post on Amazin’ Avenue attempts to show that perhaps I’m being a bit stupid.

Starcraft II: Some Thoughts on the Beta – I wish this were me linking to my own post.

The Top of Our Game – A short post on the absurdity of media coverage of politics today — mainly its focus on image and perception.

Glenn Beck Declares War – Not really, but he’s still insane. Or a genius. Or both.

Arnold Schwarzeneggar Has A Question For His Golf Partner: “When Was Your Last Blowjob?” – Awesome. He runs the most populous state in the Union.

An Open Letter to “Lost” Fanatics – This is beautiful. I can’t wait until it’s over and everyone is dissatisfied with the ending. I’m not bitter about how Battlestar Galactica wrapped up at all. Nope.

Tiger Woods Announces Return To Sex – Cocktail waitresses around the world are wet in anticipation.

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