Weekend Links – 1/24/10

2010 January 25

Only two weeks in-between “Weekend Links” posts — I’m impressed with myself.

Venturing Down Ballot Once Again, Part I and Part II – 3:10ToJoba examines the biggest screwjobs in MVP voting history, with Cal Ripken Jr. taking the prize as most royally screwed. Let’s remember, he wasn’t “The Iron Man” yet!

New York Post Mets Back Pages – Amazin’ Avenue reminds you why the Post is the most entertaining paper in the city — even though it’s barely a legitimate newspaper.

Official Brett Favre Depreciation Thread – Easily one of the best threads on GAF. Every time Brett Favre ends his career with a team with an interception, it gets bumped. Every time he retires or un-retires, it’s bumped. It will never die.

The Dogs Who Ride Trains – In Soviet Russia, dog rides you! No really, though, how goddamn cool is this? Dogs are the absolute fucking best.

The 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes – I don’t even find some of these cheesy, but there’s enough greatness here to warrant the full 10 minutes. It’s no THE WIRE – 100 Greatest Quotes, though (by the same guy). Perhaps I should have given this it’s own post, since it’s a video, but I told myself I need at least five links.

Late Addition: NBC Will Regret Appeasing Leno – The Wall Street Journal compares NBC to Neville Chamberlain and Jay Leno to Adolf Hitler. That leaves Conan as Czechoslovakia. You won’t read anything more awesome this week.

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