REAL TALK – 1/19/10

2010 January 19

Woah, the first Real Talk of the new year, better make this good.

- Welp, sorry I didn’t make a WEEKEND LINKS post this weekend. Only one weekend in and I’m already too goddamn lazy to make a post where I pimp other websites and blogs. I suck.

- I actually enjoyed Avatar but now I fucking hate it because it’s winning awards and breaking every goddamn record that seems to be in existence. I am a typical internet backlasher, but I don’t care. Fuck Avatar. TWO BILLION DOLLARS ARE YOU KIDDING ME

- I’m so spoiled by Blu-ray that I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the episodes of Sons of Anarchy on my hard drive for more than 15 minutes. A widescreen show recorded from a standard-resolution broadcast blown up to full screen = unwatchable. Basically the equivalent of listening to 64kbps mp3s on iPod earbuds.

- I just figured out how to block Farmville updates on Facebook. This has made my night.

- I bet this blog would actually be more popular (or at least interesting) if I were more personal. And by personal, I mean posting nude pics. Oh yeah.

- But really, I hang onto regrets an unhealthy amount of time, so I’m pretty sure my latest will last a lifetime.

- Selling shit is kinda addictive. Or maybe getting rid of shit is somewhat liberating. A little bit of both? Who wants a TV on DVD variety box?!?

- I love dogs, but I’d probably own a cat before I owned a dog that sheds.

- Sometimes I fantasize about having a psychotic meltdown and breaking every piece of electronics (and other stuff too) in my room, ending up with me lying, bleeding, in the middle of the room with broken glass and shattered plastic strewn all around me. That’d make a good scene for an indie film pre-packaged for Sundance Film Festival. I’m not sure which indie band could be played over the scene, though.

- I recently subscribed to The Economist, but I think I’m going to end up canceling it — not because it sucks, but because there’s just too much information. By the time I get around to finishing a few articles in one issue, the next one comes. I overwhelm myself enough with stupidity; I don’t need to be overwhelmed by periodicals.

- The NFL is rigged and Roger Goodell loves Mark Sanchez (like every female on Earth). Only way to explain how the Jets are in the AFC Championship Game. I still can’t believe it.

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