REAL TALK – 3/9/09

2009 March 9
by CajoleJuice

- Darren Aronofsky is the man. Not only is he a great director, he’s engaged to Rachel Weisz. He wins at life.

- I can’t wait to see David Wright get picked before A-Rod in my fantasy league again. Especially since this time it won’t be due to my own homerism.

- Louis C.K. is better than your favorite current stand-up comedian.

- I think we can all agree the “spring forward” aspect of Daylight Savings Time is one of the few things more annoying than Jimmy Fallon.

- I’m still amazed that South Africa is in the World Baseball Classic. I didn’t think baseball had ever touched that continent.

- I don’t know why anyone would code their own website. In addition to WordPress — which you might guess, I love — there are a shitload of services out there for every type of site.

- If there’s one thing DSLR’s do, it’s making you feel like a real photographer. My Flickr account will actually be utilized from now on. At least until I move out and have to make do with whatever cheap point-and-shoot I purchase.

- So I hear Watchmen has a ton of blue penis. Apparently, it’s rated R for Smurf nudity. Smurf-God nudity.

- I saw a guy dressed up as Green Man this weekend. It was all I thought it could be and more. He drank his beers through the costume. Awesome.

- I wish Breaking Bad was on Hulu, so I could embed last night’s season premiere in this post.

- Speaking of AMC, the channel is airing Catwoman next Sunday night. Not only that, but it is advertising that debacle. I think this destroys any thought that AMC actually held its movies to some sort of “classic” standard.

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  • Fighter of the Nightman

    So what you’re saying is that Louis C.K. is better than Louis C.K.? (bring back Lucky Louis HBO!!!!)

    Breaking Bad is going to be awesome. I was so disappointed when they canceled the first season so early because of the writers strike, but I’m definitely looking forward to see what will happen in this season.

    • CajoleJuice

      I just blew your mind. But yeah, the season premiere of Breaking Bad is really setting things up for awesomeness.