REAL TALK – 3/5/2008

2008 March 5

- So Brett Favre finally retired. Looks like he’s relegated to throwing picks at the family Thanksgiving game.

- Bangs are the worst haircut/hairstyle this side of Princess Leia/Queen Amidala. Any girl that convinces herself that bangs look good is too lazy to fix her hair up in a decent way. A girl actually looking decent in bangs is solely due to her being attractive to begin with. Let’s have one of the most beautiful women in the world demonstrate:

Sure, one of these pics was taken 15 years before the other, but the point still stands! I can do whatever I want! This is MY blog! Bangs suck!

- Burnout Paradise not having local multiplayer of any kind is a travesty. I really cannot describe how pissed I am at the multitude of 360 games that seemingly ignore that people actually still want to play games together IN PERSON.

- The Democratic Party is more self-destructive than the African continent. Hillary winning Ohio and Texas means that this is in all likelihood going to the convention, so by the time Obama and Hillary are through with each other, they probably won’t stand much of a chance against McCain in November. Not like a black guy and a woman had much of a chance against a bona fide war veteran anyway.

- The Aviator is Martin Scorsese’s best film this decade. Fact.

- “Still Alive” is a godawful song to be in Rock Band. Maybe if Rock Band were called Clever, but Ultimately Boring Hero, it’d fit in better. “Hell March” kicks the living shit out of it. As does it’s sequel. Who doesn’t want to yell in German? Not to mention that any gamer my age worth his salt grew up thinking “Hell March” was possibly the coolest game song ever.

- While I’m on it, Rock Band needs instrumentals. That would open up so many more possible songs. Just write up some code and embed it in the song DLC to make sure it’s out of the World Band Tour rotation when one of the players is on the mic. In that case, “Full Stop” would totally rock balls. As would a bunch of other Frank Klepacki songs. God, the Command and Conquer series is so awesome. I need a new PC.

- After an incident this past weekend, I’ve become convinced of one thing. Long Island needs a guido genocide.

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