Infinity Ward Has Made Me Care About Gaming Again

2009 October 5

For about two months, I’ve barely given thought to video games, let alone actually played one. I find that I always rather do something else then play one of the games in my huge backlog, and I don’t visit the gaming side of GAF anymore, so why would I get excited about gaming? The following is the answer.

Leave it to Infinity Ward to tingle my balls with this epic trailer. It’s better than pretty much 95% of movie trailers. If it were a movie trailer, the music would be the Requiem theme or some similarly overused song, the voiceover would be done by one of the three guys that does it for a living, and the reveal would have been handled like total shit.

Modern Warfare 2 is going to totally destroy everything in its path. Even though I barely follow the gaming scene, I do know that plenty of games have been moved away from its release because companies are afraid of this fucking beast. Apparently this trailer was aired during the Sunday Night Football game — I bet at least 5 million of the guys watching that game already have 60 bucks put aside to give to Infinity Ward.

A note: The music in the very beginning sounds similar to the TDK trailer music, right?

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  • Kev

    I just want to comment that this is disgusting.