Oh PC Gaming, How I Missed You

2008 May 25

RTS greatness. Mouse + keyboard. Steam. Free online play. Custom maps and servers. Higher resolution than my SDTV.

My poor Xbox 360, all but kicked to the curb. The only thing gathering playtime in the past few weeks is GTA IV, and even then, it’s not exactly very enthusiastic gaming. I really should beat Mass Effect, Crackdown, and Burnout Paradise — considering how close I am — but how can I play those when I have years of PC gaming to catch up on? Company of Heroes, Civilization 4, Painkiller, Sins of a Solar Empire, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., World in Conflict, The Witcher, Command and Conquer 3, HL2: Ep.1+2

You may notice those last two are also on the 360, but I can’t play an RTS with anything but a mouse and keyboard, and I’m too accustomed to playing Source engine games with them as well.

Team Fortress 2 has taken Call of Duty 4‘s spot in my gaming rotation as FPS of choice, I’m scrounging my way through the CoH single-player campaign, and I just went animal today and bought Sins of a Solar Empire and the “Every Single Damn Command and Conquer Game” pack.

Totally awesome. I’ve been playing Sins for the past 2 hours — it is a ridiculously epic and addicting game. A SMALL map is made up of 14 planets. I didn’t even finish the match yet. A large map with a bunch of people has to be easily more time-consuming than a game of Risk. Basically, it’s not a game that would ever make it to consoles. And with Red Alert 3 and Starcraft II coming out at the tail end of this year, I am set for a long while.

As for my 360…well, I need to beat GTA IV soon, so I can get a decent amount of money selling it. I need to fund all this PC gaming (and Ninja Gaiden II).

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