Thanks for Making Me Looking Bad, Federer. Asshole.

2009 September 14

I swear to God, I go all-out with a post declaring your greatness, and you repay me by losing to some 20-year-old giant. Who the fuck is Juan Martin Del Potro? What the flying fuck was that 5th set, anyway? That was just goddamn embarrassing. Did you need some more oil in your gears? Did your neural net processor malfunction? You double-faulted on deuce! DAMN IT!

This is what I get for betraying Rafael Nadal. I want Nadal to start making you cry again next year, please. I guess you only use your tear ducts when you get beaten by a Spaniard, since Del Potro didn’t make you bring on the waterworks. I can’t believe this shit. I specifically remember last night writing “I have little doubt that Fed will go on to win the U.S. Open tomorrow,” but then I changed it to no doubt,” because how could there be any doubt when Federer’s the best at anything ever? You Swiss bastard.

I guess you got a new trophy today, though. You never got that runner-up U.S. Open trophy. That’s a positive, right? Another piece of silverware to add to the massive collection. I hope you get used to it, old man. Nadal and Del Potro are going to be on your ass next year. Del Potro possibly even moreso, considering the 6’6′ Argentinian isn’t even 21 years old yet. He’s going to smash that forehand down your throat. He dismantled two of the greatest tennis players ever in back-to-back days with that booming shot. On the other hand, one was hurt and the other played like shit. I’ll try not to get too excited, like I stupidly did when Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open last year.

The best thing to come out of the final tonight:

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