Roger Federer Is Better At Tennis Than Anyone At Anything Ever

2009 September 13

22 straight Grand Slam semis and now 17 out of the past 18 Grand Slam finals, with the one he missed being undoubtedly due to mono. I tried to downplay the effect mono must have had on Federer’s reign last year, but with the way he’s bounced back this year it’s obvious that the illness had a lingering effect. It’s amazing — since the Australian Open — how much of a better year Federer has had compared to Rafael Nadal. Nadal destroyed his body to beat Federer, outplaying him by pushing his body to the absolute limit, and it seems as if now he’s caught in a downward spiral of injuries. I have no doubt that Fed will go on to win the U.S. Open tomorrow, which will make for another 3 for 4 year. Pretty much the typical Federer year. 2008 was the anomaly.

But I don’t make this post to talk about this crap, I make this post to embed this YouTube video, which includes a shot that will be played a million times over the course of human civilization.

Federer made that shot on the next-to-last point of the game. It would have been too perfect for him to end a straight-set victory with such an insane shot. We’ve all seen the between-the-legs shot made before, but not with the ball 6 inches off the ground, with the ball making it 6 inches over the net, and the shot landing 6 inches from the corner. Holy fuck.

Hey, notice how I ignored Nadal getting totally dismantled the other day? Yeah. That sucked.

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