So How About That Roger Federer?

2008 September 11

I wasn’t posting much before and during the U.S. Open, so I never bothered to dedicate a lot of words to it. And maybe because I didn’t know where to go with a post. I thought the tournament was more open than any slutty Hollywood starlet I could’ve used to finish that predictable joke. Nadal was the best player this year and my personal favorite, but this Grand Slam showed he still has work to do to catch up with the other top players on hard courts. His style of play is obviously not suited to hard surfaces, and after seeing Andy Murray beat him at his own game — so soundly that Nadal was visibly exhausted by the end of the match – I’m not sure if he’ll ever win an Australian or U.S. Open, quite honestly. Maybe the shock of seeing Nadal completely spent has gotten to me. Murray was just hitting the ball SO HARD, while moving around almost as well as Nadal. The capri-pants superman just didn’t have an answer.

Anyway, the real story was Roger Federer dismantling the field and shutting everyone the hell up in the process — including myself. I still think that the total, absolute dominance he displayed for quite a few years is over, but I guess he still has it in him to shatter Sampras’ Grand Slam record. Maybe the effects of mono have been lingering the entire season up til now. Maybe the fast surface of the U.S. Open is actually better for him at this point than Wimbledon, which has apparently slowed down in recent years. Either way, he looked like himself this tournament.

I just felt like I needed to make this post, since I’ve been posting about most of his disappointments this year. You can sleep well tonight, Roger. Your victory is now documented in my blog.

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  • Rickey Henderson

    Awesome blog sir. Rickey approves of it and shall return.

  • CajoleJuice

    Thanks, Rickey. What do you think about the Mets not bringing Rickey back this year?

  • Rickey Henderson

    Rickey was saddened, but Rickey’s baseball career with the Newark Bears shall lives on!