Mad Men Had Tentacle Rape

2009 August 17
by CajoleJuice

Season 3 of Mad Men definitely started off well tonight, looking past the absolutely confusing and seemingly pointless opening scene. That was like some Lost-type shit, what with a flashback that Don Draper should not even be able to have, since he wasn’t actually there. Or maybe I’m completely off. I guess the miscarriage scene was just Don’s fear of losing his baby? Whatever, I was hooked once I saw the very first painting featuring a women getting raped by an octopus. Ratings just shot up in Japan.

If you want an actual review of the episode, just check out the A.V. Club, as always. I’m just here for the stupid shit, especially GIFs. I don’t even know how people can write 1,000 words on 45 minutes of television.

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  • Anonymous

    Actually the scholarly historical interpretation of this 1814 artwork is that, since it was a dream, the fisherman’s wife’s intimacy with the sea was manifest in the octopi. Could have something to do with tentacles looking marginally penile, though there is no penetration in the image. Anyway, there also are connections to a Japanese myth involving sex with creatures of the sea. Nothing to do with rape, scholars say.

    • CajoleJuice

      I think you win the prize of most erudite comment ever on my blog.