Finding New Websites is Fun

2009 March 18

Because I don’t have anything profound to write, and because I’ve come across all these websites fairly recently, here’s a trio of links that should keep you occupied.

FlowingData is probably the least interesting to non-stat geeks. I haven’t even had the chance to browse through the majority of the website, but their Walmart map that shows the spread of that retail virus alone makes the site worth a look. There is a plethora of cool graphical visualizations, covering topics ranging from nation literacy rates to Twitter monitoring to box office receipts.

Scanwiches is probably a more appetizing (I’m sorry) website to most people. I don’t know how the hell one comes up with the idea to post scans of sandwiches from across NYC every day, but I would definitely thank them if I lived in the city. is just ridiculous. There really isn’t much to say. But after the jump, there is an incredibly mystifying piece not featured on the site. Just a warning, it features the unlikely duo of Mexican food and 9/11.

I see someone has been reading my posts regarding Tom Brady. I’m glad someone was truly able to visualize it. Along with tacos. And creepy ghosts. And Dick Cheney holding a chili pepper. There is not one part of that painting that isn’t unsettling, is there?

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