REAL TALK – 8/10/09

2009 August 10

- I write these posts when I’m too lazy to come up with full, well thought-out posts — if you could call my other blog posts well-thought out.

- Anderson Silva has to be the most entertaining fighter in the UFC. Georges St. Pierre might be a perfect machine, but Silva is the MMA equivalent of an Ali and Roy Jones Jr. cocktail. He fights inside the Matrix.

Higher quality GIFs here.

- Never tell yourself you’ll never do a certain something again, because you’ll feel that much worse when you do it and it bites you in the ass.

- This trailer for the upcoming movie Brothers is one of the most hilariously awful things I’ve ever been subjected to. Maybe this is because I find Tobey Maguire impossible to take seriously after Spider-Man 3. Or maybe because the entire movie is shown in the trailer.

- Life is always that much better when you’re in first in both your fantasy baseball leagues.

- I randomly discovered in a NeoGAF thread today — I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a flight. Simpler than any other site I’ve seen. Not that I’ve actually flown anywhere for a vacation this decade. Holy shit, I need to go somewhere.

- Staying on the simple website topic, is apparently some website that can keep track of all your finances for you. But they need to know how to access all your online account information. I only allow third-party access to my pathetic life, not my pathetic finances, thank you very much.

- Eggs are required when you’re ordering at a diner after midnight. There are no exceptions to this rule.

- Weird things happen at bars at 3:30 am, like a 20-something girl walking out with a 50-something guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt. I hope I’m that cool when I grow up.

- Jeff Francoeur continued mediocrity — interpreted as above-average contribution by idiots — is probably the worst-case scenario for next season, since it would convince Minaya that he’s the answer in RF. Amazin’ Avenue covers it here. On a related note, Amazin’ Avenue also covers the stat known as WAR pretty well in the process of ripping another blogger/radio show host.

- As you could have guessed by now, I think a girl talking about baseball stats would probably be the hottest thing ever. Even better than ass-to-ass, Requiem-style.

- Did I never write a post about Five Guys? Best fast-food I’ve ever had. Nothing better than a bag of greasy fries and a fresh double-pattied bacon cheeseburger. If people from the West Coast read this blog, they’d say that In-N-Out is better.

- Why can’t I find a decent Christina Hendricks wallpaper? The internet has failed me.

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